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Our most recently completed project, Quabbin To Wachusett, protected more than 4,000 acres of working woodlands that filter drinking water for two million people in the metro-Boston area. We partnered with 38 landowners, 7 municipalities, 2 state agencies, 3 land trusts and a watershed association to bring this project together.
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In 2015, the Partnership recently completed a mapping process that highlighted biodiverse lands in the North Quabbin Region, helping to prioritize land for conservation. An exciting project, the Strategic Biodiversity Map is at the forefront of conservation planning. Click here to find out more!
The North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership is proud to host a TerraCorps-AmeriCorps member. This member helps to coordinate the NQRLP as well as plan the Open Space Conference, conduct landowner outreach, and more!