Town Boards

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The North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership often partners with towns on projects. We've included some commonly used resources below that may be helpful for open space, conservation, or agricultural commissions.

This is Massachusett's guide to writing and renewing Open Space and Recreation Plans. Contact the state reviewer if you feel certain sections do not entirely apply to your town and would like to discuss alternatives.

The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions provides education and training for conservation commissioners throughout Massachusetts. Visit their site to find resources, look up trainings, communicate on their forum, and more.

Have a Chapter 61 property up for sale? Check here for resources and local examples on dealing with Right of First Refusal.

This is a great resource on the Chapter 61 tax-reduction program for landowners.

This links to a brief description given by the state on what a town's Master Plan should cover.

You can find resources from the 2019-2021 Open Space Conferences here and join the Open Space Network listserv.

Check out our Resiliency and Biodiversity Map! If you are in the map's 26-town service region and would like to learn more, give us call or send us a message through our Contact page.